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How it Works

Reaves Designs offers an affordable, timely and collaborative process to meet the goals you hold! 

Ready to Design Together?


Free, 60-minute consultation


Learning what YOUR budget is and how WE can work with it

Discussing where you are and where you want to go

Follow up/implementation

Follow up meeting, discussing that unique plan Reaves Designs created for your goals 

Creating a manageable timeline for project completion 

Officially saying "yes!" to Reaves Designs


Reaves Designs begins work on your website rebuild or marketing campaign

Constantly checking in and getting approval on each major milestone

Constantly being available for discussions, ideas and edits

No money is spent without approval

Activation or completion

Activating your website or completing/handing off your marketing campaign

Passing along a website maintenance or marketing upkeep guide 

Staying in touch for questions and/or future services

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